240+ Best Kingdom Names ( Top, Famous. Catchy )

Kingdom names, when well-crafted and diverse, enrich the immersive experience for audiences by contributing to the distinctive flavor of a fictional world.

If you’re currently developing a made-up realm for your literary work, gaming venture, or any other imaginative endeavor, determining the ideal names for your kingdoms is one of the most vital components involved in constructing an entire universe.

Kingdom Names

It is understood that coming up with names for fictional kingdoms holds great significance in any imaginary world because they establish the atmosphere and character of a given place.

We offer comprehensive lists of kingdom name suggestions to simplify your search. Enhance your world-building abilities by seizing this opportunity now.

Without any delay, let us embark on the domain of names for kingdoms.

Best Kingdom Names:

When it comes to the best kingdom names, one cannot overlook the regal charm of Avalonia. This name brings to mind images of mystical forests and fairytale castles, invoking a sense of wonder and enchantment. With its melodic sound and historical connotations, Avalonia stands out as a top choice for those seeking a truly magical kingdom name.

  • Ailech Kingdom
  • Literra Empire
  • Kingdom of Lokromli
  • Yordumlin Empire
  • Graboski Dynasty
  • Durarara Kingdom
  • Grorhur Dynasty
  • Kingdom of Kithage
  • Kingdom of Grimaker
  • Masgream Kingdom
  • Dumnonia Kingdom
  • Norbumin Kingdom
  • Gly Swing Kingdom

Beautiful Kingdom Names:

When it comes to beautiful kingdom names, one cannot overlook the enchanting realm of Avalon. This name evokes a sense of mystery and magic, reminiscent of Arthurian legends and tales of chivalry. Another captivating kingdom name is Arcadia, which brings to mind visions of lush landscapes and serene beauty. The name itself conjures up feelings of peace and tranquility, making it a fitting choice for a peaceful kingdom in a fantasy world.

top Kingdom Names

  • Sovereign Dominion
  • Imperium Aurum (Golden Empire)
  • Realm of Ascendance
  • Dominion of Eternia
  • Sovranita
  • Regalia Magna (Great Regalia)
  • Grandeur Realm
  • Empire of Celestials
  • Majestica Imperia
  • Regnum Vastum (Vast Kingdom)

Good Kingdom Names:

A good kingdom name should evoke power, prestige, and resilience. Consider names that reflect the geographical features or historical significance of the land, such as Emerald Valley or Dragon’s Peak. Furthermore, incorporating mythical or legendary elements can add charm and intrigue to a kingdom’s name. Names like Silverwing Realm or Celestial Haven create an air of mystique and wonder.

  • Azov Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Koda
  • Kingdom of Bavaria
  • Rusa Dynasty
  • Samar Kingdom
  • Empire of Santok
  • Abraicuria Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Como
  • Wandala Dynasty
  • Empire of Jimi
  • Uleaborg Empire
  • Kingdom of Casentino
  • Kingdom of Narva
  • Kano Empire
  • Telemark Dynasty
  • Kuku Dynasty
  • Kingdom of Fyn

Unique Kingdom Names:

When it comes to unique kingdom names, there is a world of possibilities to explore. From the mystical realm of Eldoria to the enchanted lands of Lumina, each kingdom’s name carries its charm and intrigue. These names evoke a sense of wonder and imagination, drawing us into fantastical worlds where anything is possible.

famous Kingdom Names

  • Navarre Dynasty
  • Secos Kingdom
  • Exalos Dynasty
  • Neopatras Kingdom
  • Salona Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Stamen
  • Empire of Geulders
  • Benevento Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Cait
  • Suzdal Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Trebizond

Cool Kingdom Names:

The allure of cool kingdom names lies in their ability to transport us to fantastical worlds filled with adventure and intrigue. Names like Dracoria and Celestia spark our curiosity and invite us to explore the wonders hidden within their borders. Whether inspired by nature, mythology, or pure creativity, these names serve as gateways to realms where anything is possible.

  • Kingdom of Daloz Nun
  • Orindoth Kingdom
  • Empire of Bhathat
  • Vozmead Kingdom
  • Baridoki Kingdom
  • Sangrul Empire
  • Thezman Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Thamdin
  • Haldaerk Kingdom
  • Derfir Kingdom
  • Thufri Dynasty

Badass Kingdom Names:

A badass kingdom name is more than just words—it’s a declaration of power and authority that resonates throughout the land. Choose wisely, for your kingdom’s name will be whispered in awe by bards and feared by foes for generations to come.

cute Kingdom Names

  • Kingdom of Galilee
  • Tridentum Kingdom
  • Cilicia Kingdom
  • Ammar Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Reval
  • Kingdom of Nyland
  • Empire of Edessa
  • Lazica Kingdom
  • Nanzan Kingdom
  • Empire of Orange

Medieval Kingdom Names:

When exploring the world of medieval Kingdom Names, one cannot help but be fascinated by the rich tapestry of history and culture embedded in each unique title. From the powerful-sounding Kingdom of Camelot to the mysterious realm of Avalon, these names evoke a sense of nobility and grandeur that transport us back in time.

  • Silvercrest
  • Dragonspire
  • Valeria
  • Aragonite
  • Camelot
  • Westermark
  • Frostholm
  • Eldora
  • Iron helm
  • Avalonia
  • Stromgarde
  • Meridian Reach
  • Ravencliff
  • Thornewood
  • Oakheart

Fantasy Kingdom Names:

When creating a fantasy kingdom, the name plays a crucial role in shaping its identity and aura. The right name can evoke a sense of mystery, grandeur, or danger that draws readers into the world you’ve crafted. Consider names like Avaloria, conveying an image of lush valleys and ancient magic, or Draconia, hinting at powerful dragon rulers and fiery landscapes.

unique Kingdom Names

  • Choprairian Dynasty
  • Norterra Empire
  • Methia Empire
  • Shaebia Kingdom
  • Enaizothage Kingdom
  • Ubreoverus Kingdom
  • Theolia Dynasty
  • Titasal Kingdom
  • Ephap Nicaea Empire
  • Oholaenada Dynasty
  • Shakira Empire
  • Aukrepiton Kingdom
  • Khaibit Kingdom
  • Prearene Kingdom
  • Qin Dynasty
  • Zeagia Kingdom
  • Uzacan Empire
  • Yoshuvalon Dynasty
  • Chizar Kingdom
  • Shasteseon Empire
  • Obreado Empire
  • Yuitia Kingdom
  • Wouritus Dynasty
  • Trolux Kingdom
  • Kraxuris Empire

Cute Kingdom Names:

Imagine a whimsical land where kingdoms are given names as charming as their inhabitants. From the vibrant Kingdom of Sparklewish to the peaceful realm of Fluffington, these cute kingdom names evoke a sense of wonder and magic that will capture the hearts of all who venture into their lands.

  • Kingdom of Luceras
  • Aevum Empire
  • Vitalis Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Prophis
  • Tumulus Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Aetas
  • Scuris Kingdom
  • Lurris Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Thera
  • Imum Kingdom
  • Fye Empire
  • Locus Kingdom
  • Ceraun Kingdom
  • Exalos Kingdom
  • Mementos Dynasty

Mythical Kingdom Names:

Delving into the world of mythical kingdom names reveals a tapestry of intriguing stories and symbols that continue to inspire creativity and wonder today. From the mystical Avalon to the golden riches of El Dorado, each name carries its unique essence and mystique, inviting us to explore realms beyond our wildest dreams.

Kingdom Names

  • Bokintis Empire
  • Kharid Dynasty
  • Nurenth Kingdom
  • Eurithia Dynasty
  • Qentis Empire
  • Okrailan Kingdom
  • Riwyth Dynasty
  • Yitia Kingdom
  • Russian Empire
  • Xethon Empire
  • Ruined Kingdom
  • Zivia Empire
  • Wipouria Dynasty
  • Driven Empire
  • Shozaecaea Kingdom

Aesthetic Kingdom Names:

In this world of aesthetic kingdom names, each title holds its own unique charm and storytelling potential. From ethereal names like Moonlight Grove to regal ones like Crowned Citadel, every kingdom name offers a glimpse into the world it represents. These names not only serve as identifiers but also as gateways to fantastical realms filled with wonder and adventure.

  • Seraphon
  • Avaloria
  • Emberlyn
  • Valeria
  • Evermore
  • Eldora
  • Solstice Realm
  • Radiant
  • Celestria
  • Dawncrest

Dark Kingdom Names:

We delve deeper into the world of dark kingdom names, we uncover layers of meaning and symbolism that add richness to these fictional realms. Names like Nightshade Keep or Bloodmoon Hollow not only convey a sense of foreboding but also reflect themes of death, magic, and ancient rituals. Through these evocative names, we are transported to worlds where shadows reign supreme and where heroes must tread carefully lest they fall victim to the darkness that pervades every corner.

  • Stygian Dominion
  • Eclipse
  • Shadowfell
  • Nightshade Realm
  • Grimhaven
  • Oblivion Keep
  • Abyssia
  • Nocturia
  • Duskoria
  • Morbidon

Fictional Kingdom Names:

The art of crafting fictional kingdom names requires a delicate balance between creativity and coherence. A well-chosen name can instantly transport readers to a far-off land bustling with knights, dragons, and sorcery. Names like Gryphon’s Reach or Silvermyst Kingdom conjure images of epic adventures waiting to unfold, while Shadowmoor or Frostfall Citadel hint at darker secrets lurking within ancient walls.

  • Novaria
  • Quelloria
  • Emporia
  • Seraphine
  • Zenithia
  • Mythoria
  • Elysium Reach
  • Astoria
  • Aurelia
  • Etherealands
  • Sylvania
  • Eldora
  • Celestria
  • Luminae
  • Everdawn

Elemental Kingdom Names:

The diversity in elemental kingdom names showcases the richness of nature’s tapestry, each one offering a glimpse into a different realm of existence. By understanding and appreciating these names, we can deepen our connection to the natural world and unlock new insights into our inner landscape.

  • Aupremokar
  • Obreado Empire
  • Vropruiwen
  • Troll Fairyland
  • Dumbarton
  • Velolux
  • Phuizuca
  • Steacculum
  • Puglia
  • Shikkesite
  • Drinealia Kingdom
  • Kruilarin
  • Prouvazia
  • Ken Olum
  • Asuretopia
  • Wrif Upis
  • Ruhan Empire
  • Nefuirenth
  • Meawonao
  • Troubadour
  • Xogreotha
  • Chesteovalon
  • Yaezuwyth
  • Wreazidel Empire
  • Crunninia
  • Groreoterra
  • Llyn
  • Annabelle
  • Woodbine
  • Vuze Odour
  • Peterborough
  • Choripan
  • Sluitewen
  • Ekorotia
  • Madrathia
  • Vraqiweth
  • Murrecia
  • Trappiya
  • How Echuca
  • Brewseum
  • Kreagecan
  • Muthunet
  • Varuguthaiya
  • Barovia
  • Digbaduhr
  • Pridoucia
  • Kunagia Dynasty
  • Dornwich
  • Norterra Empire
  • Usli Yulia
  • Katasha
  • Khuqitis
  • Style Alari
  • Echo Salon
  • Ahubriton
  • Akroukikha
  • Vrixatopia
  • Sterculia
  • Rairrisea
  • Achnasheen
  • Acravia Empire
  • Vrikhodour

Fairytale Kingdom Names:

In the realm of fairytale Kingdom Names, one can find a treasure trove of whimsical and enchanting titles that transport us to magical lands filled with mystery and wonder. From the majestic Emerald Forest Kingdom to the charming Snowflake Valley Realm, each name evokes a sense of fantasy and adventure that captivates our imagination.

  • Vroudian Dynasty
  • Udriste Kingdom
  • Novaetus Empire
  • Igocia Dynasty
  • Mamouton Empire
  • Idoryn Kingdom
  • Leopenia Dynasty
  • Stephan Kingdom
  • Duvalon Dynasty
  • Krokotopia Kingdom
  • Aiximidian Kingdom
  • Olympics Dynasty
  • Hisian Kingdom

Gaming Kingdom Names:

When creating gaming kingdom names, developers often draw inspiration from historical references, fantasy literature, and cultural myths. This blend of different influences results in diverse and rich naming conventions that resonate with players on a deeper level. By exploring various linguistic elements such as phonetics, semantics, and symbolism, game designers can craft kingdom names that evoke emotions and spark curiosity among gamers.

  • Qeyesha Empire
  • Poppuneian Empire
  • Ustonnorus Dynasty
  • Vouculia Empire
  • Rekya Empire
  • Dralia Dynasty
  • Uneonia Kingdom
  • Phelulux Kingdom
  • Nurean Empire
  • Capuba Kingdom
  • Wruya Empire
  • Idageanad Dynasty
  • Slunada Kingdom
  • Oriseon Dynasty
  • Yolorean Kingdom
  • Xakka Vesta Dynasty
  • Aquislanada Empire
  • Khouzophate Empire
  • Ruhan Empire
  • Wreazidel Empire

Historical Kingdom Names:

The historical kingdom’s name is the Kingdom of Aksum, centered in modern-day Ethiopia and Eritrea. Known for its strategic location along trade routes connecting Africa with the Middle East and Asia, Aksum derived its name from the legendary figure Menelik I, said to be the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

  • Keqeria
  • Veveoburg
  • Ulapevell
  • Erhonoris
  • Phelulux Kingdom
  • Stayeseon
  • Zupas Kingdom
  • Krouvarid
  • Hevadal
  • Exowerin
  • Haran
  • Ahuizar Empire
  • Kavamid
  • Aeshirrelum
  • Stozurean
  • Crunotis

Disney Kingdom Names:

The carefully chosen names of Disney kingdoms often reflect the themes and stories associated with them. For example, Atlantica in The Little Mermaid evokes images of an underwater paradise, while Agrabah in Aladdin conjures up visions of bustling markets and mystical deserts.

  • Audus Lubet Kingdom
  • Delan Kingdom
  • Kruzasite Empire
  • Ahuizar Empire
  • Zupas Kingdom
  • Drinealia Kingdom
  • Ocreg Hausa Kingdom
  • Phikya Kingdom
  • Petraetis Kingdom
  • Druikhivaria Kingdom
  • Zeolum Kingdom
  • Ceyonait Dynasty
  • Bigaston Empire
  • Penyth Empire
  • Ereppiterra Dynasty
  • Wavell Empire
  • Aquapolis Dynasty
  • Zirid Dynasty

Evil Kingdom Names:

These evil kingdoms hold a twisted allure for some who seek forbidden knowledge or wish to harness the dark forces within. To outsiders, they remain enigmatic symbols of darkness and corruption, embodying the very essence of evil itself. Only time will tell if these malevolent realms will continue to spread their influence or be ultimately consumed by their malevolence.

  • Voudecuria
  • Mandurah
  • Dopevell
  • Greenflower
  • Bucrodal
  • Yoda
  • Thozogalla
  • Grasmere
  • Mepritha
  • Igala Kingdom
  • Okruyepan
  • Oqashonem
  • Zebutor Dynasty
  • Cuckooland
  • Ihuru With
  • Vrap Rurene
  • Cranky Crazy
  • Ebatrepan
  • Cruigecia Empire
  • Ereppiterra Dynasty
  • Saedrepan
  • Poppuneian Empire
  • Penyth Empire
  • Zeolum Kingdom
  • Summary
  • Lockinge
  • Woleba Kingdom
  • Umhosari
  • Yuba Dynasty
  • Thastaivaria
  • Ridaekar
  • Ouprudroborg
  • Queenstown
  • Asheathes
  • Alston
  • Aiparining
  • Braleopan
  • April Dudel
  • Heathen
  • Oprudeven
  • Shairith Dynasty
  • Namibia

Viking Kingdom Names:

When we think of Viking Kingdoms, names like Kattegat, Niflheim, and Jotunheim come to mind. These names evoke a sense of mystery and grandeur, reflecting the powerful legacy left behind by the ancient Norse warriors. Each kingdom name carries its unique history and significance, from Kattegat symbolizing the meeting point of powerful forces to Niflheim representing the realm of ice and mist.

  • Zakisea Empire
  • Itaipudal Kingdom
  • Apreaphiteron Kingdom
  • Aurumoth Dynasty
  • Krodel Empire
  • Grand Kingdom
  • Progecad Kingdom
  • Grenade Dynasty
  • Wuproborg Empire
  • Wrouttecuria Kingdom
  • Aiphoccaniel Empire
  • Woya Dynasty
  • Searririan Empire
  • Zonnaston Dynasty
  • Steaneba Dynasty

Earth Kingdom Names:

The Earth Kingdom is rich in history and tradition, with names that reflect the deep connection to nature and the elements. Names like Lin, Toph, and Bumi evoke a sense of strength and resilience, reflecting the earthbenders’ powerful abilities. These names often carry meanings related to the earth, such as rock or soil, emphasizing the close bond between the people of the Earth Kingdom and their environment.

  • Aiharreolum
  • Gojoseon Kingdom
  • Itikkoulum
  • Maenontis
  • Slizuneian
  • Durian Dynasty
  • Fortunate
  • Ge Qaeda
  • Astosheopan
  • Oyuffusite
  • Oshsequa
  • Daichetus
  • Ruthouryn
  • Erhe Nalore
  • Drezzoning
  • Twipra Kingdom
  • Gorgon
  • Duston
  • Oriseon Dynasty
  • Zanokar
  • Zootopia
  • Oyureazar
  • Khukaesal
  • Allenora
  • Tretidian
  • Kracceviel
  • Usodiryn
  • Silla Kingdom
  • Aitraxevalon
  • Khaibit Kingdom
  • Raisrenate

How to Choose The Right Names for a Kingdom?

  1. Gain an Insight into the Culture and History of your Kingdom:

To select a suitable title for your kingdom, it is imperative to comprehend its heritage and customs. Does your territory manifest as an amicable region of tillers or accomplished craftsmen? Alternatively, does it represent itself as a turbulent expanse inhabited by intrepid battlers? Perhaps you envision a dominion governed by sorcery and enigma; alternatively, one powered by science and advancement might be more fitting.

  1. Take into account the tone you wish to establish:

Think carefully about the name you select for your kingdom, as it will establish the ambiance of your entire realm. Would you prefer a moniker that exudes royalty and grandeur or one that evokes an air of enigmatic menace? Contemplate deeply on this decision deeply!

  1. Real-world history and mythology can be great sources of inspiration:

When crafting their fictional worlds, numerous fantasy writers and game designers draw inspiration from actual history and mythology.

  1. Consider your intended viewership:

When selecting a name for your kingdom, take into account the age group, hobbies, and choices of your intended audience. A title suited to young adults might not be fitting for children’s literature.

  1. Obtain input from other individuals:

Do not hesitate to seek input from others while deciding on a name for your kingdom. Share your suggestions with acquaintances, co-writers, or the exact audience you’re targeting and obtain their opinions.


In conclusion, the selection of a kingdom name is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the perception and success of a fictional world. By considering factors such as tone, theme, and audience appeal, authors can create names that resonate with readers and enhance the overall storytelling experience.

Whether drawing inspiration from mythology, history, or language, the process of naming kingdoms offers endless possibilities for creativity and world-building. Ultimately, a well-chosen kingdom name can serve as a powerful symbol of the realm it represents, adding depth and richness to the narrative.

So next time you embark on creating your fantasy world, remember the importance of selecting a meaningful and evocative kingdom name – it may just be the key to unlocking the magic within your story.

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