200+ Best Haunted House Names ( Famous, Catchy, Cool )

You are looking for the ideal haunted house names to intensify the scare factor in your eerie ventures? Look no more! Our compilation of spine-tingling and indelible titles is sure to inject terror into your narratives, games, or films.

Haunted House Names

Whether you’re a writer seeking inspiration, a game developer needing an eerie setting, or a filmmaker aiming to thrill and captivate your audience, our carefully selected haunted house names are guaranteed to leave lasting impressions.

Creating a name that captures both fright and fascination can pose quite a difficulty. Striving for an ideal equilibrium, you desire something hauntingly good.

Prepare to venture into the obscure depths of creativity, where discovering an ideal moniker for a haunted abode unlocks access to spine-tingling stories.

Best Haunted House Names:

The name Phantom Manor conjures images of ethereal spirits and ghostly apparitions wandering through the halls. It sets the tone for a truly haunting experience, where visitors can expect to encounter restless souls from beyond the grave. This name is ideal for a haunted house aiming to create an atmosphere of supernatural suspense.

  • Phantom’s Keep
  • Spook Haven Mansion
  • The Haunted Halls
  • Shadowmoor House
  • Haunting Hollow
  • The Macabre Manor
  • Dreadhaven Estate
  • Phantom Pines Manor
  • The Cursed Chateau
  • Apparition Abbey
  • Spirit’s Rest
  • The Sinister Sanctum
  • Wraith Wood Manor
  • Specter’s Domain
  • Terror Terrace
  • Ghostly Grange
  • The Eerie Enclave
  • Banshee Hall
  • Phantom’s End

Cool Haunted House Names:

Imagine a sprawling estate hidden deep within the woods, where shadows dance and whispers linger in the air. Spooky Hollow Manor beckons to those brave enough to enter its eerie halls, promising an unforgettable experience filled with chills and thrills.

top Haunted House Names

  • The Wicked Whispers Estate
  • The Dreadful Dwelling
  • The Spine-Chilling Sanctuary
  • Shadowfall Manor
  • Nightshade House
  • Darkhaven Estate
  • The Cryptic Castle
  • The Haunted Hollow
  • Phantom’s Edge
  • The Eerie Enigma
  • The Cursed Keep
  • The Phantom’s Embrace
  • The Sinister Specter House
  • The Macabre Maze
  • The Twilight Terrors
  • The Ghostly Grasp
  • The Creeping Crypt

Unique Haunted House Names:

A haunting name that conjures images of mystery and the supernatural, ideal for a haunted house with a dark past shrouded in secrecy. The phrase Beyond the Veil suggests a connection to the spirit realm, hinting at ghostly encounters and unexplained phenomena that await those brave enough to enter.

  • Morbid Manor
  • Creepshow Cottage
  • Terror’s Keep
  • Nightmare Manor
  • House of Shadows
  • The Sinister Sanctuary
  • Haunt Haven
  • Spooky Hollow House
  • House of Whispers
  • Ghostly Dwelling
  • Chilling Chambers
  • Phantasmal Estate
  • Dark Descent Domicile
  • The Cryptic Chalet
  • Scream House
  • Dread House
  • Eerie Enclave
  • The Haunted Asylum
  • Macabre Mansion
  • Ghastly Homestead

Good Haunted House Names:

famous Haunted House Names

  • Terror Trail House
  • The Haunting Haven
  • Dark Descent Manor
  • Spooky Spirits Manor
  • The Phantom’s Rest
  • Shadows of the Night
  • Eerie Encounters
  • Spectral Sanctum
  • Sinister Shadows Estate
  • Haunted Halls of Horror
  • Ghostly Gravestone Manor
  • Dreaded Dwelling
  • Phantom’s Lair
  • Whispering Winds Estate
  • The Sinister Residence
  • Phantom’s Folly
  • Creepy Hollow House
  • The Cursed Manor

Catchy Haunted House Names:

  • Ravenhearst Manor
  • Ghostwood Estate
  • Specter Hall
  • Ravenscroft Manor
  • Blackwood Estate
  • Merivale Manor
  • Wraith Wood Manor
  • Dreadmoor Manor
  • Grimwood Hall
  • Shadowmere Manor
  • Whispering Oaks Manor
  • Haunted Hollows Estate
  • Moonshadow Manor
  • Darkmoor Mansion
  • Nightshade Manor
  • Haunted Hill House
  • Midnight Castle
  • Phantom Manor
  • Thornfield Hall
  • Spook Haven Estate

Funny Haunted House Names:

catchy Haunted House Names

  • The Chuckle-filled Chamber
  • The Funny Phantom’s Abode
  • The Witty Wraith Residence
  • The Boo-tiful Bungalow
  • The Spooky Chuckles Manor
  • The Hilarious Haunt
  • The Wacky Witch Shack
  • The Silly Specter Sanctuary
  • The Ghostly Giggles House
  • The Comical Crypt
  • The Ha-Ha Haunted House
  • The Laughter-filled Lair
  • The Ghoulish Guffaw Mansion
  • The Giggling Ghostly Getaway
  • The Hysterical Haunting Hut
  • The Quirky Quake Quarters
  • The Whimsical Wail Waystation
  • The Jolly Haunted Haven
  • The Hilarious Horror Hideaway

Sinister Haunted House Names:

  • Haunted Bastion
  • Domain of Darkness
  • Villa of Shadows
  • Crypt of Despair
  • Sinister Labyrinth
  • Citadel of Sinister Souls
  • Manor of Malice
  • Chateau of Torment
  • Tower of Terror
  • Hall of Haunting Horrors
  • Abyssal Asylum
  • Sanctum of Suffering
  • Dungeon of Dread
  • Grisly Gravestone House
  • Blackheart Manor
  • Palace of Peril
  • Abode of Evil
  • Lair of Maleficence

Mysterious Haunted House Names:

Haunted House Names

  • Whispering Shadows Manor
  • Enigma House
  • Arcane Abyss Manor
  • Mysterious Moonlight Manor
  • Secrets of the Haunting Hollow
  • Veiled Vortex Villa
  • Midnight Mist Mansion
  • Nebulous Nexus House
  • Haunting Enigma Estate
  • Enigmatic Labyrinth House
  • Twilight Enigma Mansion
  • Cryptic Enclave
  • Shadows of the Unknown House
  • Forgotten Secrets Estate
  • Eerie Enigma Manor
  • Mystic Mirage Mansion
  • Phantasmal Whispers Estate
  • Esoteric Echoes Manor
  • Uncanny Whispers Mansion

Creepy Town Names:

  • Phantom Peak
  • Wraithfield
  • Spooksville
  • Grimwood
  • Shadowbrook
  • Chillingham
  • Morbid Marsh
  • Creepshire
  • Dreadmoor
  • Raven’s Hollow
  • Erieville
  • Hauntville
  • Twilight Falls
  • Mistwood
  • Grave’s End
  • Sinister Springs
  • Whispering Pines
  • Ghostly Grove
  • Macabre Meadows
  • Silverstone

Cursed Haunted House Names:

cool Haunted House Names

  • The Haunting Hexagon
  • The Spellbound Sanctuary
  • The Forsaken Fortress
  • The Hexed Hollow House
  • The Cursed Crypt
  • The Cursed Catacombs
  • The Damned Domain
  • The Malevolent Mansion
  • The Haunted Hex House
  • The Enchanted Enclave
  • The Doomed Dwelling
  • The Cursebound Castle
  • The Accursed Abode
  • The Ghostly Grudge House
  • The Malediction Manor
  • The Bewitched Bastion
  • The Wretched Wraith House
  • The Jinxed Manor
  • The Hoodoo Haven

Spooky House Names:

  • Mysterious Manor
  • Dreadful Dwellings
  • Twilight Terrace
  • Haunting Haven
  • Shadowfall Estate
  • Specter’s Retreat
  • Eerie Enigma
  • Midnight Mansion
  • Ghostly Gables
  • Spine-tingling Tower
  • Enigmatic Echoes Estate
  • Creepy Hollow House
  • Ghoul Haven House
  • Phantom’s Refuge
  • Wraith Watch House
  • Frightening Fortress
  • Cursed Corner
  • Sinister Shades Residence
  • Uncanny Manor
  • Whispering Woods Manor

Halloween Haunted House Names:

  • Chills and Thrills House
  • Dreadful Dungeon
  • Phantasmal Fortress
  • Nightmare Manor
  • Haunted Hollow
  • Haunting Haven
  • Ghostly Graveyard
  • Wicked Woods
  • Terror Tower
  • Macabre Mansion
  • Eerie Enclave
  • Spooky Specter House
  • Crypt of Darkness
  • The Scream Factory
  • The Witching Hour Haunt
  • Creepy Carnival
  • The House of Horrors
  • Sinister Sanctum
  • Zombie Zone

Famous Haunted House Names:

  • The Chingle Hall
  • The Franklin Castle
  • The Raynham Hall
  • The Winchester Mystery House
  • The Lizzie Borden House
  • The Amityville House
  • The Borley Rectory
  • The Stanley Hotel
  • The Myrtles Plantation
  • The Ballygally Castle Hotel
  • The Skirrid Mountain Inn
  • The LaLaurie Mansion
  • The Ancient Ram Inn
  • The Whaley House
  • The Houska Castle
  • The Hell House
  • The RMS Queen Mary
  • The Villisca Axe Murder House
  • The Sallie House
  • The Bhangarh Fort

Creepy House Names:

  • Grimston Hall
  • Macabre Moors Manor
  • Spinechill Manor
  • The Shadows’ Refuge
  • Whispering Pines Retreat
  • Silent Scream Estate
  • The Haunting Haven
  • Dreadmoor Manor
  • Cursed Hollow House
  • Sinister Sanctuary
  • The Wicked Willow House
  • Phantom’s Lair
  • Ghostly Grove Estate
  • Forsaken Hill House
  • Phantom’s Peak Residence
  • Twilight Terror House
  • Mourningwood Mansion
  • The Haunted Hush House
  • Desolate Abbey
  • Darkened Dusk Manor

Scary Town Names:

  • Gloomhaven
  • Nightshade
  • Whispering Pines
  • Gainesville
  • Ravenwood
  • Cryptic Creek
  • Dreadmoor
  • Hallow’s End
  • Shadowvale
  • Midnight Hollow
  • Cursed Hollow
  • Hauntville
  • Wraithfield
  • Forsaken Falls
  • Grimbrook
  • Sorrow’s Reach
  • Misty Hollows
  • Shrouded Hills
  • Dreadhaven

Haunted House Room Names:

  • The Gallery of Ghosts
  • The Macabre Ballroom
  • The Bloodstained Parlor
  • The Hall of Whispers
  • The Phantom’s Lair
  • The Creepy Nursery
  • The Ghostly Attic
  • The Torture Chamber
  • The Sinister Study
  • The Cursed Basement
  • The Haunted Library
  • The Spooky Bedroom
  • The Abandoned Laboratory
  • The Wicked Workshop
  • The Hallway of Hauntings
  • The Crypt of Despair
  • The Chamber of Secrets
  • The Eerie Dining Room
  • The Twilight Conservatory

Creepy Haunted House Names:

  • Abandoned Asylum
  • The Creeping House
  • Sinister Mansion
  • The Wailing Mansion
  • Spine-chilling Sanctuary
  • The Haunting Hollow
  • Dreadlock Manor
  • Terror Terrace
  • Macabre Manor
  • Cursed Crypts
  • The Eerie Enclave
  • Haunted Halls of Horror
  • Phantom’s Den
  • Desolate Asylum
  • House of Nightmares
  • The Shadowed Keep
  • The Sinister Sanctuary
  • The Ghostly Grasp
  • Spectral Spires

Scary Haunted House Names:

  • The Slaughterhouse
  • Bloodcurdle Castle
  • The House of Horrors
  • Abyssal Abyss
  • Phantasmal Fortress
  • The Haunting Inferno
  • Dread Manor
  • The Torture Tomb
  • Nightmarish Abode
  • The Haunted Catacombs
  • The Macabre Mansion
  • Malevolent Manor
  • Terror Tower
  • Chills and Thrills House
  • The Devil’s Den
  • The Sinister Cellar
  • The Haunted Asylum
  • Wicked Wraith House
  • The Spine-Tingling Shack

Creepy Castle Names:

  • Phantom’s Watch Castle
  • Specter’s Reach
  • Grimstone Citadel
  • Phantom’s Lair Castle
  • Haunting Heights Fortress
  • Shadowmere Castle
  • Ravenloft Keep
  • Nightfall Bastion
  • Dreadmoor Tower
  • Whispering Shadows Stronghold
  • Ghostly Hollow Fortress
  • Macabre Manor
  • Twilight Citadel
  • Sinister Stronghold
  • Eerie Keep
  • Shiverstone Castle
  • Wraithstone Fortress
  • Phantom’s Keep
  • Spire of Darkness
  • Darkmere Castle

Inspiration Ideas For Haunted House Names:

Through the exploration of these resources, you will uncover exceptional and captivating titles that will distinguish your haunted dwelling from others.

Discover a plethora of inspiration and ideas to source names for your haunted house.

  • Explore horror novels, ghost stories, and mythologies to discover unsettling words, phrases, or characters that can inspire your eerie haunted house name in Books and Literature.
  • Explore the realm of horror movies and TV series, taking note of titles, settings, or distinctive features that may ignite inspiration for your spooky dwelling’s moniker.
  • Investigate native fables, phantom tales, or contemporary legends that belong to your region. Blend facets of these chronicles into a moniker that reflects the essence of your locality.
  • Explore the realms of mythology and folklore across diverse cultures, drawing inspiration from supernatural entities such as vampires, witches, werewolves, or legendary locations to conceive an exceptional name for a haunted house.
  • Discover significant events, eerie sites, or infamous personalities from bygone times. Infuse elements of their tails to lend a historical flair to the name of your haunted house.
  • Draw inspiration from ominous imagery and symbolic representations of fear and the paranormal. This might encompass emblems such as skulls, bats, or spiders; alternatively, it could pertain to ideas concerning obscurity, shade, or frightful dreams.
  • Make use of name generators that are tailored for haunted houses or Halloween-themed titles on the internet. These specialized tools contain a massive collection of eerie words and combinations to inspire creativity.
  • Get together a creative team and initiate a brainstorming session. Collaborate on innovative concepts, expand upon each other’s proposals, and discover extraordinary titles for your haunted house as a group effort.
  • Utilize a thesaurus to locate synonyms, antonyms, or correlated words that correspond with your designated topic. Experiment with word associations and amalgamations to devise an eerily compelling title.
  • Join local haunted house competitions or events to gain useful insights and inspiration for naming your spooky attractions. Interacting with other haunters and enthusiasts can be a valuable resource in the process.

Help Choosing The Right Names For Haunted Houses:

Selecting an appropriate name for your haunted house may prove to be a difficult endeavor. To aid in making the proper selection, consider these useful tips:

Consider the ambiance and theme of your haunted house when selecting a name. Reflect the atmosphere by incorporating elements from specific eras like Victorian or Gothic to set the appropriate tone.

  1. Reflection The Atmosphere: To stir up feelings, opt for a haunted house name that instills fear, suspense, and excitement. Select words that trigger intense emotions and create an enduring impression in the minds of your guests.
  1. Ensure it sticks in people’s minds: Strive for a name that is simple to recall and distinguishes itself from the rest. Refrain from using commonplace names that merge with other spooky establishments.
  1. Let your Creativity Shine: Avoid usual names and brainstorm an original one. Use wordplay, alliteration, or puns to make it more catchy and unforgettable.
  1. Consider Your Target Audience: When thinking about your target audience, take into account their age group and preferences. If you’re catering to families with your haunted house, make sure the name isn’t too scary or alarming.
  1. Try It Out: Share your potential names for a haunted house with friends, family, or focus groups. Solicit feedback from them to determine which ones have the strongest impact.


If you’re working on a spooky story, creating an out-of-this-world game, or shooting a frightful film, our amazing array of eerie house names will make your project stand out. Don’t let the worry of having an uninteresting title stop you from moving forward.

A haunted house’s name should be chosen with tactful deliberation to accurately portray the intended ambiance and entice your designated demographic. Whether you are aiming for an enigmatic, benevolent, petrifying, malevolent, hexed, or chic moniker; guarantee that it mirrors the overall impression you hope to establish.

Unleash your creativity and select a name that will make visitors quiver with excitement.

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